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New Zealand Adventures

A place for us to document our New Zealand travels and for you to follow along if you’re interested! We’ll be posting as we’re able, but it will likely depend on the availability of wifi along the way.


(from a couple weeks ago)    

We made it! We got here the 22nd because Seth found out that the Wellington Phoenix (soccer club) had a game that evening, so we drove straight down and stayed in a parking lot so that we could watch the match (they won handily because of our presence)! The next day, we got into our house, and took HOT showers!! We had to go out to the grocery store and get ourselves a nice Christmas ham (amongst other things) before the stores closed down for the holidays! Also, we met Charlie (our lovely cat friend) and he is scared of us currently, but our goal is to be his bff’s by the time January 4th comes around!


       We are staying in Khandallah (suburb about a 20 minute train ride from downtown) up on one of the many mountains surrounding Wellington. It’s such a cozy place and we’re very glad that we got the opportunity to stay here! When we aren’t downtown, we’ve basically been chilling in our house soaking up the WiFi/Netflix availability, and making food that you can’t really have in a van (AKA meat. All the meats.)  Wellington is definitely our favorite city so far (sorry, not sorry, Auckland.). It has more character and less people which we both appreciate! Although, the first time we went to Cuba St. (shops, restaurants, etc.) was on Boxing Day, and there were WAY too many people! After being in a van away from people for almost 2 months, having someone within arms length of you at all times was way to much for us (mostly me) so we peaced out pretty quickly and hid in our house with Charlie for the rest of the evening. Now that we have adjusted we see that people aren’t so terrible after all!


    On Christmas, we were invited to a house that our friend Sam was staying at to hang out and celebrate Christmas together which was fun! Definitely different from our traditional Christmas plans, but we were very happy to have had somewhere to go. A few days after Christmas, we got to meet up with some cool guys to play Spikeball! It was the first time Seth or I played a competitive game of Spikeball in a while, and gee-whiz did we miss it! We played just before the New Year as well, and actually got invited to Alex’s (super nice Spikeball connection) house for a roast meal, and a TON of information about hikes in the South Island (which we are SUPER PUMPED about!) They were so nice and we enjoyed hanging with them and their silly kids!


     For the New Year, we went down to the waterfront where there was live music (and lots of people. .) and hung out until the fireworks happened over the water. We sat right on the rocks by the water and had a great view of them (they were only like 5 minutes, but still, I was pumped) It was a great way to bring in the New Year! We went to the Te Papa museum (FOORR FREEEEE) and got to learn about Maori culture/history and the history of the country. Maori culture is so interesting and I would encourage you to look into it if you’re into that sort of thing! Other that those fun things, we just loved to walk around downtown and explore the shops/places/foods around the city! We are leaving tomorrow (Jan 4th) at noon on the ferry to head to the South Island! A whole new world, and we are both very excited and ready to be back in our ‘ol Vandalf! Although, we will miss our dear Charlie, he sleeps in our bed now and it’s super cute (except the one time he sat on my head. .) I’ll still miss him though!

Enjoy some pictures from Wellington!



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