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New Zealand Adventures

A place for us to document our New Zealand travels and for you to follow along if you’re interested! We’ll be posting as we’re able, but it will likely depend on the availability of wifi along the way.

They’ve Arrived.

    Well, we’ve had human contact. That’s a bit extreme because we do have friends here, but still! My sister Krissy, and friends Danae and Jacoby made it to New Zealand! When they got here we stayed in Queenstown for a couple days because, ya know, we’re pretty rowdy and they would need the rest (insert evil laugh here). Actually though, they ended up wearing us out! We haven’t been around people for large amounts of time in 4 months! It was surprisingly tiring to interact with people, so we’re glad we’re getting small doses of it before we return home where all you crazies live.  


    We decided to take these lovelies (and Jacoby) to a few of our favorite places (Lake Pukaki and Mt. Aspiring)  before going down to the south coast and heading up the eastern side by the Fiordlands! We did the Rob Roy Glacier hike with them (in the rain, those troopers), and chilled by Lake Pukaki before heading south. We went straight to a lighthouse once we made it to the coast, and saw some big Ol’ sea lions chilling on the beach. After walking a bit, we spotted a Yellow Eyed Penguin!! It was glorious, small, and didn’t move a lot, but my ‘Lanta I was so flipping giddy when we saw it. Like a kid in a candy shop as some might say. Anyways, we went through Invergargil, explored beaches, ate at amazing little cafes, and hung out with these amazing people for 10 days.


     Before getting back into Queenstown, we talked them into doing the Mid Caples Hut hike (mentioned in previous post. If you read it...Weber...) We carried a lot of food, clothes, sleeping bags, and blankets, but we made it! And it was in nice weather this time which was a plus!  We hung out, played Cactus (my new favorite card game), and tried to stay warm before heading out the next day to spoil ourselves with showers and beds in our AirBnb before they left in two days. 


     We sent off Jacoby and Krissy, and hung out with Danae for the day (poor thing got left behind) before dropping her off at her hotel. Now we are alone again, driving along the south coast and up the east coast towards Christchurch where we will be meeting my parents in 12 short days!!


   P.S. let me just say, the weather in these 10 days was pretty terrible with a few good ones in between. (Mostly the evenings were harsh) These poor people slept in a tent, which wouldn’t have been bad, but I’d say that 80% of their nights involved rain, wind, or both. At one point, their tent was being blown on so hard, it was almost touching them while they were laying down. They handled it very well though. We’re glad we have friends who would do all this andventurous stuff. Good work, team. You did it.


Peace out.