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New Zealand Adventures

A place for us to document our New Zealand travels and for you to follow along if you’re interested! We’ll be posting as we’re able, but it will likely depend on the availability of wifi along the way.

The Journey to NZ

    We made it!! After  21 hours of flying, 14 hours wandering L.A., and running through the Brisbane, Australia airport to barely catch our last flight, we have FINALLY arrived in Auckland, New Zealand! Let me just say that after all of that travel, I am very very VERY pleased that I will not have to do that again for a long while. Although I really did enjoy our time in L.A. We got an Uber to Venice Beach where we spent our time walking the shore line, and exploring all of the neat shops and enjoying all of the artists (music, sculptures, paintings, and many others that are escaping me now) that were spread out all along the walkway. We ate at a place called the Sidewalk cafe which was delicious, and it was a great spot to people watch (Not in a creepy way though, calm down). There are a lot of interesting people around there when you take the time to really notice it haha.

    Anyways, we’ve arrived (as I’ve said previously), but sadly our luggage did not. Looks like we are going to have to go a bit with nasty breath and awesome plane ridding clothes until our bags arrive! Hopefully within the next couple of days, things will start to get rolling!

    **Just to clarify, we left for NZ on Tuesday the 22nd, and arrived here on Wednesday the 24th. So we lost about 17 hours of our lives. On the plus side, we’re living in your future, so that’s neat.**

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