Capturing human emotion and natural beauty

about me


about me

Hi, I'm Seth! I'm a photographer based in the great city of Columbus, OH. I started taking pictures when I was given my first DSLR in 2015, and I've been hooked ever since. I love being in nature and that's often reflected in the pictures I take. I started out mostly taking pictures of landscapes and animals (they didn't get mad at me for taking too long to figure out the correct camera settings), but more recently I have enjoyed taking more portraits and pictures involving people. 

One of the things that I love about photography is the opportunity to capture the feeling of an single moment in a more permanent form.  Whether it's capturing human emotion, the breathtaking beauty of a landscape, or the playful antics of a wild animal, I enjoy turning those moments into something that people can enjoy forever. 

I look forward to assisting you with documenting moments in your life and creating something that you can treasure for years to come.